product care

Kask Helemts - product care

Clean the helmet only with water, neutral pH soap, and a soft, clean cloth, allowing it to air dry at room temperature. The inner lining should be washed by hand in cold water. If it is removable, it can be washed by hand in cold water or in the washing machine (maximum allowed water temperature is 30°C - 85°F).

In no case should chemical detergents or solvents be used. Petroleum-based solvents are especially dangerous. They can damage a helmet so that its protective qualities could be significantly impaired. When not in use, the helmet should be stored away from direct sunlight and sources of heat, and we recommend putting it back in the original package.


Kask visors are made from polycarbonate. Scratched are unavoidable despite polycarbonate has very good anti-scratch prosperities. Polycarbonate is porous and use of chemical polishes and abrasives on a visor may have unpredictable results on the protective properties of the material.

Clean the visor by washing with clean soapy water (note: use neutral pH soap not detergent! Hand soap may be ideal and liquid detergents are not a substitute). The same recommendation is for spare internal padding of the helmet.